Airport Garden Hotel Beijing

Description: Beijing Airport Garden Hotel is located to the South of the Airport Terminal Building in the Beijing Capital International Airport which is next to the Airport Industrial Area. There is the Capital Airport Expressway in the front of the hotel, and the beautiful Courtside in the back.
The Hotel boasts Europeanized building, garden style, perfect decoration and modern facilities. The 3-star hotel with 4-star service and the advanced Computerized management system can provide good services, such as food, business, conference, leisure and entertainment, etc.
You will find its uniqueness and value for money when you choose the Airport Garden Hotel. Because we have created a special milieu that our weary guests will feel relaxes and refreshed.

Address: Capital International Airport
              Beijing, China
Phone: (+86)-10-64563388

Address Tip: The following image is the hotel address in Chinese. You may print it out for your convenience.

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